Fitness Expert, Johnny Olsen demonstrates a Bicep Curl

INFOGRAPHIC: Johnny Olsen’s Tips For the Best Bicep Curl

Everyone wants big guns with perfect peaks. Not everyone know what they need to do in training to achieve them.

The Bicep Curl has to be one of the most popular movements on gym floors today but many people are not hitting the bicep muscle safely and/or effectively. Fitness expert Johnny Olsen shared key pointers on how to master your best bicep curl in the infographic above.

Bear in mind, there are many variations of the Bicep Curl. You can sit or stand, use barbells or dumbbells, use a supinated or pronated grip, there are dozens of options available to hit different areas for the muscle.  For the purposes of this infographic, Johnny shared his tips on a standing barbell curl with a supinated grip.

Happy curling!

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