15 Foods To Speed Metabolism

15 Foods To Speed Metabolism

Dr. Scott Schreiber shares his knowledge on metabolism through this thorough and detailed article, written by himself.

Everyone wants a faster metabolism, but can certain foods make it a reality?  The answer is…Yes, they can!  Here are 15 foods that will speed up your metabolism, accelerating your gains while keeping you lean and healthy!

1) Hot peppers-Capsaicin, the compound that gives them heat, is the same compound that boosts metabolism.  It temporarily increases blood sugar and metabolic rate giving you a metabolic boost by as much as 25% for over three hours.  Ever start perspiring while eating them?  Now you know why!

2) Oatmeal-Oatmeal is composed of complex carbohydrates which stabilize insulin levels.  They provide energy for an extended period of time due to their chemical structure.  This keeps insulin levels stable, which high levels are responsible for fat storage. They also take more energy to digest, so your body burns more calories as well!  Make sure you steer clear of the instant variety.  It is loaded with sugar!

3) Broccoli-Broccoli is high in calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.  Calcium and fiber have been studied as weight loss aids and many of broccoli’s antioxidants also serve as co-factors in metabolic reactions.  This superfood has been a bodybuilding staple for years!

4) Soups-It is thought that soups boost metabolism by reducing the combination of liquids and solids, therefore speeding up metabolism and burning fat.  Make sure you avoid the cream based varieties.

5) Green tea-Green tea contains epigallocatechin (EGCG), an extensively studied phytochemical that has been shown to raise metabolism.  It is perfect for those wishing to boost metabolism because it acts as a stimulant without elevating your heart rate and giving you the jitters.  A recent study showed that those who drank green tea and exercise burned more calories than those that only exercised.

6) Apples-Apples are high in fiber and antioxidants.  Fiber keeps insulin levels down, lowers cholesterol and helps with digestion.

7) Pears-Pears are similar to apples containing a high level of antioxidants as well as fiber.  A study showed that those who ate apples and/or pears lost more weight than those that did not.

8) Cinnamon-Cinnamon is unique in that it can mimic the ability of insulin.  This ability helps prevent insulin spikes, thus preventing fat deposition.  In addition, cinnamon can interact with foods, preventing a rise in blood sugar.  Cinnamon has a direct benefit on metabolism.  Just like hot peppers, cinnamon will cause a temporary increase in metabolism.  In addition, cinnamon is an appetite suppressant and believed to focus fat loss around the abdomen rather than other areas.  This is great for those trying to get rid of that beer belly!

9) Black pepper-The piperine in black pepper has been shown to increase metabolism and fat loss in mice.  It is postulated that it disrupts fat storage on a genetic level, therefore contributing to fat loss.  Scientists are just scratching the surface when it comes to black pepper and metabolism, feel free to add it to foods as there is no defined upper limit.

10) Grapefruit contains an enzyme that is known to break down fat. Remember the grapefruit diet of yesteryear? Eating several servings a week will really accelerate fat loss.  They also contain naringenin, a phytochemical, which helps your body use insulin more efficiently, allowing you to burn more calories.  Just be careful if you are taking prescription medications, as this has been shown to disrupt absorption/metabolism of medications.

11) Pumellos are similar to grapefruit in that they have enzymes to break down fat.  In addition, they contain vitamin C, which has been shown to aid in fat loss. Watch these with prescriptions as well.

12) Water- Water is involved in almost every metabolic reaction of the body.  Dehydration runs rampant in modern society, which is absurd since it is the most abundant beverage on the planet!  Dehydration dramatically slows metabolism. Conversely, drinking water speeds it up.  Water also fills the stomach and stimulates a feeling of fullness, decreasing the need for food.  Drinking it cold even gives you a greater metabolic boost because your body has to warm it up!

13) Quinoa is a whole grain that contains complex carbohydrates.  Complex carbohydrates are harder to digest, requiring more energy.  They also stabilize insulin levels, preventing the accumulation of fat.  In addition, quinoa is an excellent source of protein, which is harder to digest, requiring more calories.

14) Garlic-Garlic has an abundance of health boosting properties due to its principal phytochemical, allicin.  Allicin has been shown to lower blood sugar and boost fat burning.  Cooking garlic significantly deactivates Allicin; I recommend eating it raw, but if you have an aversion, supplements are available.

15) Lentils-Lentils contain protein, but are also a great source of iron.  Many Americans are iron deficient which slows body functions.  If you do not have enough oxygen getting to the cells, then your body cannot work efficiently.  As a result metabolism slows and fat begins to accumulate.

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Dr. Scott Schreiber
Dr. Scott Schreiber

Dr. Scott Schreiber is the only certified rehabilitation specialist and Double certified Chiropractic Physician in the state of Delaware, and while many people claim to be passionate about what they do and helping others, they can’t hold a candle to Dr. Schreiber. He has dedicated his professional life to advancing the fields of nutrition, chiropractic and rehabilitation while also maintaining a very close one on one relationship with each and everyone of his patients; designing personal action plans to help them become their healthiest selves. Visit his website http://www.drscottschreiber.com/

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