Alain Deschamps

Alain Deschamps
Alain Deschamps

Bio : Originally from Northern Ontario, I studied history then education at the University of Ottawa. I now live in the Niagara region where I teach phys ed and health in a small French language elementary school. Having met my running objective  of qualifying for the Boston marathon on several occasions, I now focus on racing my friends on Strava segments around town.


  1. I grew-up playing hockey and baseball in Northern Ontario. Then switch to running xc in high-school. I only became a focused runner in my early thirties as a way to stay active after leaving the men’s beer league hockey team I played for. Qualifying for the Boston marathon became my goal at that time.
  2. No real adversity, it can just be difficult at times to juggle a running schedule, work and raising active kids.
  3. As an elementary school phys ed teacher, running permits me to lead by example, as well as the obvious effects of being fit and energetic. It also gives me a personal sense of purpose, other than being a dad and a school teacher.
  4. Training really depends on where I am during a marathon cycle. I normally try to run between 45 and 50 kms a week when not training for a race, but that goes up to 90-95 kms a week when I focus on an event. During the summer, I might replace easy runs with time on the bike just for a bit of variety.
  5. #1 fitness tip? Consistency!

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