Breaking Down Three Natural Sweeteners

Breaking Down Three Natural Sweeteners

As you all know, sugar is the devil…. or the evil as I call it! Having come from a serious sugar addiction and cutting it cold turkey five years ago, I am thrilled to know there are natural, healthy, sweet options out there.

Stevia would definitely be my top pick. It’s natural and has zero calories. It also lowers blood pressure and can lower blood sugar. It is extracted from a plant called stevia rebaudiana. It’s also been known to lower blood sugar in diabetics. The only downside is that it has a very strong taste which many people don’t love.

Moving along to my second pick is erythritol. It is a sugar alcohol found naturally in certain fruits and it contains only 0.24 calories per gram. It doesn’t spike sugar or insulin levels. Many studies have shown erythritol to be safe, but it can cause digestive issues and tummy troubles if too much is ingested. Some complain of a mild aftertaste but the other benefits outweigh the downside.

My third pick is xylitol. This is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness very similar to sugar. It has only 2.4 calories per gram. It’s said to have dental benefits and prevent frequent cavities and may improve bone density. Xylitol also doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin, which is important, especially for diabetics. Again, the downside of taking in too much is that it can upset the stomach and cause digestive issues. Note that xylitol can be harmful and toxic to your dog, so please keep this sugar substitute stored in a safe place.

There are so many different sweeteners on the market, both natural and not. At the end of the day you have to find what works for you best and of course, one that your body tolerates. The question is, which of these top three will you choose in your healthy lifestyle? How sweet are you?

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