How to Choose Apparel for CrossFit

How to Choose Apparel for CrossFit
  1. Why you need good apparel for CrossFit
  2. What is important when choosing CrossFit clothing?
  3. Top CrossFit Apparel brands

Choosing apparel for CrossFit can be intimidating when faced with so many choices. Keep in mind these key points to help you choose the best apparel for your workouts.

Choosing apparel for CrossFit isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. CrossFit apparel is specialized to suit the intensity and variety of the workouts. It is important to choose the correct fabrics, fit and style to help you perform at your top level. The top brands bring all of these factors together; you’ll be able to see how the right fitness apparel can impact your performance.

Why you need good apparel for CrossFit

CrossFit training requires strength, endurance and commitment. You need fitness apparel that matches your effort and is durable enough to withstand intense training. Good CrossFit apparel allows you to put all of your effort into your workout. When you have the right outfit for CrossFit, you won’t spend your time fixing your t-shirt or pulling up your shorts. You’ll be able to focus on getting stronger and better.

Great looking clothes also give you a boost of confidence. That’s why Rogue apparel CrossFit gear is a great resource. Rogue Fitness stocks specialized fitness apparel that not only helps your performance, but also makes you look great while working out. Sometimes that extra boost of confidence in your appearance is all you need to push yourself to the next level in your training.

What is important when choosing CrossFit clothing?

Good fitness apparel must include cutting edge footwear. When your shoes are designed especially for CrossFit, you will realize how important they are to your performance. A great cross-trainer is lightweight, breathable and flexible. It should fit your foot perfectly and hold your foot in the correct position. The heel should fit tightly so your foot doesn’t slip around while training. The best fitness apparel brands offer shoes with high abrasion, non-marking soles. These specially designed footwear options have an impressive energy return to increase your performance when power jumping and lifting.

When choosing CrossFit open apparel, look for clothes made of lightweight, synthetic fabric that don’t retain a lot of moisture. Your clothes should pull the moisture away from your skin and then rapidly dry. Clothes that retain too much moisture can cause skin irritation, which interferes with your workout. Make sure the clothes you choose are seamless or have flat stitching in order to reduce the added chafing and irritation that seams can cause.

Breathability is important when looking at CrossFit apparel brands. Mesh inserts are the most efficient way of keeping you cool while you work out. Women’s CrossFit apparel should have mesh inserts behind the knee in leggings. Look for mesh panels along the waistband of shorts in men’s CrossFit apparel. Depending on the style of the fitness apparel brands, shirts may have mesh inserts along the back or under the arms.

Always choose CrossFit apparel that has a slim fit. Your clothes should fit well in order to be safe. You don’t want your t-shirt getting caught up in the equipment and disrupting your workout or causing an injury. Close-fitting clothes also stay put so you spend less of your training time readjusting your apparel.

Top CrossFit Apparel brands

The top brands are on top for a reason. They specialize in athletic gear and know what it takes to get you to peak performance. The top brands have cutting-edge technology focused on increasing your athletic success. Check out these top brands, all available at Rogue Fitness:

1) Rogue Fitness’ Signature Brand: Rogue apparel CrossFit gear runs the spectrum of workout apparel. From t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies to shorts, pants, and accessories, Rogue Fitness has CrossFit apparel made for performance and style. Take a look at the Katrin Davidsdottir shirt for men and women. This shirt, inspired by the “fittest woman on earth,” will get anyone motivated to keep going.

2) Reebok: Reebok is the classic workout wear company. From shoes to clothes, they have years of experience with producing high-quality, performance-driven apparel. Check out the Reebok Froning Activchill Tee available at Rogue Fitness that is made from a nylon/spandex blend. It is both comfortable and flexible.

3) Nike: You can’t mention Reebok without mentioning Nike. This iconic brand has been designing athletic gear for professional athletes for decades. Nike is best known for their shoes, but take a look at the Rogue Nike Women’s Mod Tempo Shorts from Rogue Fitness. They are made with Nike’s proprietary sweat-wicking Dri-FIT woven microfiber fabric.

Whichever brands you choose, the best outfit for CrossFit should fit you perfectly and make you feel great. Keep in mind breathability, durability, fit, and fashion. Look for clothes made of synthetic blends that are designed to be flexible while keeping you cool and comfortable. Keeping an eye on the smaller details like seams and mesh panels will help you to find the perfect pieces to make your workouts even better. Make sure you check out Rogue Fitness for all the top CrossFit apparel brands.

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