The Effect of Dietary Supplements on Your Health

The Effect of Dietary Supplements on Your Health
  1. What are Dietary Supplements
  2. How Supplements Work
  3. Types of Supplements
  4. Who Needs Supplements?
  5. Benefits of Taking Dietary Supplements
  6. Conclusion

Dietary supplements can be found for all aspects of health. What are they and how can they help you? It is important to have all of the information before adding a supplement to your diet.

Dietary supplements are available in every grocery and health food store, online, through direct marketers and even convenience stores. They are found in every form from pills to powders or even as an additive in bottled water.

Dietary supplements are so common in most people’s daily routine that Americans spend around $35 million dollars a year on them. Supplements provide our bodies with beneficial nutrients that we may not be getting from our less-than-perfect diets.

Some people take dietary supplements to maintain good health while others take them to ward off the symptoms of chronic diseases. Some people, like body building enthusiasts, take supplements in order to achieve a fitness goal. Whatever the reason, it is important to find good quality dietary supplements and to take them carefully.

Companies like Bulletproof use a science-based approach to formulate incredibly high-performing supplements for a variety of uses.

What are Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements, commonly referred to as vitamins, are substances swallowed to add nutrition to our bodies.  Vitamins are one kind of supplement, but also included in this category are minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Herbs can also be classified as dietary supplements.

Though most people think of vitamins and supplements as a pill you take with your orange juice in the morning, they can take many forms. You can ingest supplements by swallowing tablets or capsules or they can be additives in smoothie powders and energy drinks.

How Supplements Work

The best supplements, like Bulletproof supplements, work by delivering the nutrients your body needs to the areas of your body that need it most.

Some supplements are water soluble. These vitamins and supplements are broken down in digestion, absorbed by your intestines and delivered by your blood to the tissues that need them. Water soluble vitamins must be taken more often because they can be sweated out or lost in urine.

Fat-soluble supplements are stored in your body for a longer period of time. They are generally stored in your liver or fat to be used more slowly.

Types of Supplements

Different supplements have different health benefits. Weight loss supplements, probiotic supplements, and Omega-3 supplements are all popular products. They all contain different combinations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to achieve their specific goal. Super supplements are less common, but very potent, blends that make a big impact on your body.

Quality matters when looking at the wide variety of supplements available on the market. Not every product is made of high quality, nutritious ingredients. Look at the labels closely. Make sure the active ingredients are what you are looking for. Always make sure there is not more filler than beneficial ingredients.

Bulletproof supplements can be used for improving mood and memory, performance, immunity, gut health and even sleep quality. Bulletproof has incredible science behind their products and develops them for everyday people.

Who Needs Supplements?

There are many reasons why someone would want to add vitamins and supplements to their routine. The most common reason is to add the vitamins and minerals the body is not getting through food. Most people do not eat a well-balanced diet and are missing key nutrients that the body needs to function at peak performance.

Fitness enthusiasts may use supplements as part of their body building regime. Creatine, amino acids, caffeine, nitric oxide boosters, whey protein, glutamine and fish oils are all popular supplements in the gym.

Dietary supplements can also help ward off the effects of chronic diseases. A common way to ease the symptoms of arthritis is to take joint-supporting supplements that include glucosamine, MSM, and turmeric. The best collagen supplements can also protect you from joint pain.

It is important to talk to your doctor or health care professional before taking any kind of dietary supplement. Some supplements may interact negatively with prescription drugs, upcoming surgeries, cancer treatment or other chronic conditions. Never take a supplement without consulting with your doctor first.

Benefits of Taking Dietary Supplements

There are many benefits of taking dietary supplements. When nutrient deficiencies are addressed, some people may feel more energy, happier, have better memory, have fewer aches and pains, sleep more soundly, and even think more clearly.

People taking vitamins and supplements for body building reasons may experience faster muscle growth, more endurance, and a better recovery.


Dietary supplements can help you achieve optimum health even when your diet isn’t winning any awards. Of course, the nutrients you get from a well-rounded, healthy diet will fuel your body in the best possible way.

Whatever you feel your body needs help with, there is a supplement formulated specifically to meet the challenge. There are weight loss supplements, the best collagen supplements, and super supplements that take care of your whole body. Bulletproof supplements are a good place to start looking for quality dietary supplements.


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