What Exercise and Nutritional Author – Igor Klibanov Eats In a Day

What Exercise and Nutritional Author – Igor Klibanov Eats In a Day

Igor Klibanov is a very successful Personal Trainer and the author of 7 books on exercise and nutrition, so I was curious to hear what he eats in a day. He mainly sticks to three meals a day:

Breakfast: Igor eats either a bagel with nut butter (almond or cashew or hazelnut) with a decaf coffee and goat milk or cereal with an unflavoured protein shake as the base (so it tastes like milk).

Lunch and Dinner: Are pretty similar – some kind of meat or poultry (either chicken, beef, or pork), along with some kind of starch (pasta potatoes or rice), along with some kind of vegetable.

Along with my lunch and dinner, I’ll have either an essential amino acid shake, a greens drink, tea, or water.

For Dessert: Igor enjoys some fruit.

Author Bio
Lorne Marr
Lorne Marr

My passion for fitness began in 1981, when my father, Larry Marr, bought me my first Weider weight set.

Hearing the clanking of those weights and, more importantly, wanting to get buff to impress my buddies, created an obsession that has lasted a lifetime.  Staying active and following a health minded diet and lifestyle has allowed me to live a more productive, happier and overall better quality of life.

There have been some hurdles along the way.  When I hit 45 injuries starting piling up and made working out and playing sports more challenging. So I took a step back and reexamine my training and diet. I reached out to a host of experts within my Fitness community on how to maximize performance and optimize my health and hence the genius of FitAfter45.
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