Which Foods Give you the Most Nutritional Bang for Your Dollar?

Which Foods Give you the Most Nutritional Bang for Your Dollar?

Natalie Bean

Certified Nutritional Consultant

A photo of Natalie Bean

“Eggs! They are not expensive and they are healthy and portable! Eggs are a complete food, just add a healthy carb”.


Carmela A. Carone

Weekend Warrior 

“Avocados…much more affordable now, but depends on where you shop. They are a source of good healthy fats, a great source of fibre, and provide three times the potassium of a banana and none of the sugars”.


Edward Williams

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Edward Williams

“Grass fed steak. As a bonus, sub out organ meat at times”.


Larry Vinette

Professional Athlete at IFBB Professional League Coach at Pro Gym

Larry Vinette

“Sardines in olive oil and liver meat”.


Josh Hewett

Certified Fitness Professional

Josh Hewett demonstrating a bicep curl

“Dark green veggies, nuts and seeds, and potatoes. Throw in some beans and you can live on these few things alone. A whole food plant-based diet has been shown to be related to greater longevity. If you do exclude ALL animal products, it would be wise to check your vitamin B12 levels”.


Kareem Rawlins

Certified Personal Trainer

A photo of Kareem Rawlings

“I started taking sea moss gel. It has 94 nutrients per 2 tbsp. It helps with blood flow and increased libido, among other benefits. I’ve always been a fan of greens, so you can never go wrong with spinach and arugula”.


John Paul Catanzaro

Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

A photo of John Paul Catanzaro

  • Protein translates to “priority” or “of greatest importance” and it should be the center of every meal. Take care of your protein requirements first because they are of the greatest importance, then you can finish the rest of the meal.
  • Stop counting calories, it’s nutrients that count!  
  • Consume natural, unrefined foods that are free of toxins, chemical additives, artificial hormones or hormone mimickers, and genetically modified organisms.
  • Eat healthy fats (including saturated fats like coconut oil and organic, grass-fed butter or ghee); fibrous, nutrient-dense carbs from organic sources; and clean proteins like grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and wild-caught fish and seafood.


Rhonda Shulman


“Put eggs and broccoli at the top of the list”.


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Lorne Marr
Lorne Marr

My passion for fitness began in 1981, when my father, Larry Marr, bought me my first Weider weight set.

Hearing the clanking of those weights and, more importantly, wanting to get buff to impress my buddies, created an obsession that has lasted a lifetime.  Staying active and following a health minded diet and lifestyle has allowed me to live a more productive, happier and overall better quality of life.

There have been some hurdles along the way.  When I hit 45 injuries starting piling up and made working out and playing sports more challenging. So I took a step back and reexamine my training and diet. I reached out to a host of experts within my Fitness community on how to maximize performance and optimize my health and hence the genius of FitAfter45.
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