Four Tips To Energize Your Morning

Four Tips To Energize Your Morning
  1. The biggest, most neglected tip: sleep. You can use all the biohacks and coffee that you want, but sleep has to be the foundation to good energy levels. Get your 7-9 hours of sleep every night, ideally at the same time each night. If you do this, it will solve more than 90% of your morning’s energy problems.  If you’re having a hard time sleeping, I write about that much more extensively in my articles on supplements for sleep, how bad sleep affects your hormones, and what happens when you sleep.
  2. Get sunlight first thing in the morning. Blue light especially resets your circadian rhythm, and makes you feel awake. If you either wake up really early, or live in a part of the world where that isn’t practical, use a UV light to stimulate the same effect.
  3. Have something to look forward to each day. Having a sense of accomplishment can be very energizing. Have a goal (whether personal, financial, athletic, academic, health, etc.), and take a small (or big) step towards that goal each day.
  4. If your energy levels are just plain low all around, get tested. When my clients complain of low energy levels, some of the first things that come to mind for me are low iron, low B12, low folic acid, slow thyroid, and sleep apnea. Get tested for all of these.
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Igor Klibanov
Igor Klibanov

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