Gratitude’s Impact On Our Health

Gratitude’s Impact On Our Health

I’m a huge believer in the Power of Gratitude and it is not something that comes natural to me. So I was eager to start listening to Marc’s Reklau’s book “The Life-Changing POWER Of Gratitude“. It is a short read or in my case listen but is chalk full of life changing information.

I was absolutely thrilled that Marc share his story and his insights on Gratitude’s impact on our health. A brief Background on Marc.

He is the author of 9 books including the International Bestseller “30 Days – Change your habits, change your life“, which since April 2015 has been sold and downloaded over 250,000 times and has been translated into 15+ languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Korean.
He wrote the book in 2014 after being fired from his job and literally went From Jobless to Bestseller (which is the title of his second book).

Marc’s mission is to empower people to create the life they want and to give them the resources and tools to make it happen.

He writes about habits, productivity and happiness. His message is simple: Many people want to change things in their lives, but few are willing to do a simple set of exercises constantly over a period of time. You can plan and create success and happiness in your life by installing habits that support you on the way to your goals.

1. Marc, tell me a little about your background. What made you get into the business of helping people transform their lives?

I was always interested in personal development and self-help since I was 16 years old. So for the first 40 years, I fought my own battles and tried to improve my life. But I wasn’t doing that great because I only read the books, felt better for a while, and then fell back into my old bad habits. In 2012 I suddenly felt a desire to do more and got trained as a life an executive coach. It was a fantastic experience. I benefitted a lot from the training because I had to apply everything I learned to teach it one day. That was the turning point. I found out that reading is not enough, but that we actually have to take action to improve our lives. Nine months after finishing the training, I got fired from my job, so I finally had time to apply all the exercises I learned (and had read in many self-help books over the years). And you know what? When I started doing, things started to change. While I was jobless, I also wrote my first book, “30 DAYS – change your habits, change your life,” that started everything and changed my life.

2. What made you decide to write about the Power of Gratitude?

I felt that I had to write the book. If you ask me for the most important ingredient to my success, “Gratitude” is the answer. The more grateful I got, the more successful I became. Practicing gratitude is the most simple but also probably the most impacting exercise to improve your life, and it has countless benefits that are scientifically proven.

And even if many people told me “Don’t do it”, “It’s too short for a book”

(and so did my inner voice) the desire to write it and share the benefits was stronger. I’m happy I wrote it, and it’s one of the favorite books I wrote.

3. What impact do you think Gratitude can have on someone’s health and overall well being?

The impact of gratitude on our health is huge. First of all, people who practice gratitude are less prone to get depression, they have fewer headaches and sleep better. Second, gratitude makes us happier and more optimistic. Countless studies show that optimists are healthier and even live longer. So gratitude is kind of a magic pill – or at least it has all the benefits.

4. What are some of your top tips for making Gratitude a part of your life?

It’s really easy. That’s why it’s so mind-boggling. The only thing you have to do is write down three things you are grateful for and feel the gratitude when you think about them. For example, you can be grateful for your spouse, your kids, your colleagues, a coffee that you enjoyed at a nice place, your health, etc. See, those were already more than three things. If you do this every day, you should see results (better mood, better sleep, etc.) after three to four weeks. Try it. It’s amazing!

5. In your book, you mention not to get caught up in the “I will be grateful when syndrome” Can you expand upon that and why it so crucial to be grateful every day?

Yeah. That’s something I was caught up in for a long time. I said, “Ok. I’ll be grateful when I get this or that” and it doesn’t work like that. It sounds cheesy, but if you are grateful for what you have, more things to be grateful for will come into your life. The original quote is from Oprah, and she is right 🙂

Count your blessings and do the gratitude exercise, and great things will happen. I only had one client for whom it didn’t work. When we analyzed the why we found out that she was saying, “At least I have this, at least I have that” and that’s not gratitude. That’s scarcity, and with a scarcity mindset, you won’t allow the benefits of gratitude into your life, so always talk to yourself positively and write it down. Writing down is important. “I’m grateful for…, I’m grateful for…, I’m grateful for.

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Lorne Marr
Lorne Marr

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There have been some hurdles along the way.  When I hit 45 injuries starting piling up and made working out and playing sports more challenging. So I took a step back and reexamine my training and diet. I reached out to a host of experts within my Fitness community on how to maximize performance and optimize my health and hence the genius of FitAfter45.
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