Haley Borden

Haley Borden

Fitness Expert, Haley Borden, has trained many professional athletes, including The Toronto Blue Jays. She has implemented her Pilatecize program into the Blue Jays training routine to help build core strength and increase their flexibility, which in turn helps reduce their sport injuries.  She has trained the trainers themselves of the team so that they can incorporate and maintain the Pilatecize program in the professional ball players’ daily workout routine. She is a certified Pilates fitness instructor and a former faculty member of Ryerson University, where she taught Pilates as part of the drama department’s degree curriculum. Haley has also trained many celebrities, including the concert crew for the Rolling Stones, as they rehearsed in Toronto in preparation for their world tour.

Haley is a Lululemon ambassador and a member of the Canadian Actors’ Association, ACTRA.  She has appeared in numerous television commercials and magazine advertisements, where she has demonstrated the stretching techniques on the exercise stability ball.  Haley also runs a successful personal training business for the elite of Toronto.  She is a personal trainer, an aqua fitness instructor, a spinning instructor and a devoted student of yoga, as well as a certified Lifestyle Total Well-Being Educator. A dedicated fitness professional, Haley keeps up to date with the leading research of the world’s health and fitness industry.  She is a member of the International Association of Fitness Professionals, the Canadian Personal Trainer’s Network, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  She has run marathons and triathlons, participates in adventure sports- sky diving , race car driving,  and scuba diving, to name a few.  She also recently embraced cycling, riding 100-150 kms every weekend.  The Pilatecize program has kept her fit, flexible, and injury free.

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1. Your age: 51

 2. When did your athlete career begin?

 Haley was very active in gymnastics as a young child, until the age 13, but her workouts and passion for Fitness were pushed to another level during her divorce. “Working out was a saving grace during a very stressful time in my life. It gave me a sense of calm and focus. Working out became a full time career in 1996 when I became a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. ” She developed a program called Pilatecize, which is mentioned in her bio.  Pilatecize(tm) is a revolutionary, all-in-one, mind and body technique that combines the “core” principles of pilates, the flexibility of yoga, the balance and coordination of the exercise ball along with strength training using the rubber band, into one fun filled total body-conditioning program.

3. What adversity have you had to overcome as an athlete?

“I’ve overcome lots of adversity over the course of my life – none specifically as an athlete, but I can assure you that my regular work out schedule has enhanced my focus and overall well-being and has allowed me to deal with all life-issues effectively”.

4.  How has working out impacted your life?

“Working out keeps me sane”, says Haley.  “In addition to all the physical health benefits, working out on a regular basis boosts my energy levels and  keeps me relaxed”.  “I’m always in a good mood and I credit this to my work out routine”.

5.  How often do you train and for how long? 

A typical workout week for Haley; she does her Pilatecize program 3 times a week, hot yoga twice a week ,and cycling outdoors in the summer.  In the winter, she includes a spin classes.  Haley does not do much in the way of weight training, but she is a big advocate of body weight training and resistance bands.

6.  What is your #1 fitness tip?  

Haley stresses that core and flexibility training is crucial for Athletes over 45. “It improves balance and coordination along with agility.”  Key components as you get older.  Haley goes on to say, “you don’t need a lot of equipment – a ton of exercises can be completed with an exercise ball and some resistance bands.”


Lorne’s Take – Haley shares some great points on the importance of balance and core stability!


Certified Pilates Fitness Expert





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Pilatecize(TM) is a core fusion of pilates, the flexibility of yoga, the

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