How to Perform the Farmer’s Walk

How to Perform the Farmer’s Walk

Chances are you have seen someone walking laps in the gym holding a set of dumbbells. You are probably wondering what they are doing and more importantly, what are they working? The movement is called the farmer’s walk. The farmer’s walk tests your grip, your agility, your leg strength, your upper back strength, and your mental toughness. It seem’s like a very simple exercise, but it truly is a test. The BUFF DUDES teach you step by step how to perform this exercise and how to get the most out of it every time!


How to Perform the Farmer's Walk - Exercise Tutorial

  1. Start with two dumbbells (or two kettlebells) on each side. Pick a weight that is best suited for you- you can always increase from there!
  2. Squat down and lift the dumbbells. When lifting, you want to perform a deadlift with them. Keep your back straight, chest up, and lift.
  3. Once you are in the top position, ensure you have a good grip on the weights and start walking.
  4. Keep your chest up throughout the walk and ensure you remain balanced.
  5. The best way to count reps is to judge the length of the space that you walk by doing laps. Count and record your laps each time, so you can set new records each time. It is important to record the weight of the dumb bells (or again, kettlebells) each time and gradually increase that as well.

So next time, you are at the gym, test your agility, grip, and mental toughness by doing the farmer’s walk.

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