Intermittent Fasting Success Story: Adam Weisfeld

Intermittent Fasting Success Story: Adam Weisfeld


Intermittent fasting- what is it and how does it work? I did an article previously that covered intermittent fasting in great detail and included some great success stories. To quickly reiterate, intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating where you schedule your meals in such a way that you are getting the most of out them possible. It is not what you eat, but more so when you eat.

This is certainly a great way to achieve results in a healthy way, so it is no doubt that the success stories keep on coming! Adam Weisfeld adds to the list of those who have found said success in intermittent fasting.


When did you first start Intermittent fasting?

The first time I tried I.F. was in 2012. My results after 8 weeks was an 8% decrease in body fat & 12lb weight reduction.  I have a lean build, but always had difficulty keeping weight off around my midsection & this only got more challenging into my forties.  Intermittent fasting is ideal for reducing fat & maintaining muscle. 

What are some of the different time restrictions you have experimented with?

I use the daily 18hr fasting window.  I only consume food between 12:30-6:30pm & only drink water/coffee during the fasting period, but there are many different variations that you can adapt based on your lifestyle & tolerance level.

Have you taken any breaks or do you incorporate any cheat days?

There are no cheat days with I.F. as this would interfere with insulin production (which is essentially what makes I.F. so effective) but I do have cheat meals during the feeding period.

How has Intermittent Fasting impacted your workouts?

My workouts are quick & intense despite the calorie reduction.  I am typically out of the gym in one hour focusing on high reps with moderate weight.  I also attribute the energy level to the daily supplements I take (vitamins, minerals & amino acids).

How many calories are you consuming on an average day and what does a typical day look like for you?

I do not count calories but I am consuming less food overall as I skip breakfast, eating a full lunch and dinner.  Eating as clean as possible will also greatly assist in your overall results.

Which supplements are you using and what do you see as their main benefit?

For my last session, I purchased TPC vitamin-mineral packs from Onnit.  They are much more expensive than your typical multi-vitamin as they contain the highest quality building blocks for your bones, joints, energy & immune system.  I also started using a meal delivery service called Protein Chefs.

What’s your #1 tip for people starting out with Intermittent fasting?

You can ease your way into it.  Start with a 14hr fasting window for the first week and increase the fasting window as your tolerance increases. It’s actually very easy and you should not be discouraged by the name.  It’s just a eating system – not a diet or starvation approach.

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