Jason Julian

Jason Julian


Jason is the Assistant Vice President National Accounts and Business Development Foresters Financial. He has been in the financial services industry for 26 years. He was a selling broker for 16 years and a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Roundtable. Jason loves the industry and what we provide for individuals and families. It’s the greatest industry on earth. His greatest blessing in life is his family; married to his high school sweetheart for 26 years and has two amazing sons Mike and Matt and a little Maltipoo dog names Alexis! Living healthy is a choice and Jason is a big believer that living with faith also keeps you healthy (mind and body)!

Tell me a little about your weight loss. How much did you lose and what was your motivation?

In May of 2016, I was tipping the scale at 200lbs and 5’10. I did not like what I saw in the mirror nor how I felt. Health is a priority because it’s the means to earn an income as well as investing in health now so my retirement years are long and full of energy!

I have always had my annual checkup with my doctor but I also added to my health team a Naturopath who listened to my health goals and coached me on how to “reboot” my metabolism. I completed bloodwork and then began a 30-day reboot based on a roadmap that was created for me.

My motivation always is to ensure health now and in future years. I have witnessed too many people who have ignored their health, ate recklessly and retirement years were spent on a host of medications for abuse done in younger years by not eating and living a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day what I value most outside of my family, faith, and friends is my health and time. What good is working all your life to retire one day only to be immobile and unable to enjoy life to its fullest?

What are some of the biggest benefits you’ve noticed since you have lost weight?

I feel great and I finally have a system I can work with. Getting into my oldest sons jeans also pretty cool if I ever needed to! Ha!! Like the saying goes look good feel good!

What are some of the changes you made to the way you eat?

Essentially it was in the first 30 days, eliminating all sugars, pasta, bread, dairy products, and grains. Very much high protein and low carbs but not Atkins diet …rather closer to a Paleo/Keto lifestyle. The greatest key to success was my wife Emilia. Everyone needs a “helper” and motivator to stay the course. She would make wonderful meals from sweet potato tacos, zucchini spaghetti, the best BBQ salmon ever and her salads with avocado and her dressing are amazing. I switched out milk for Coconut milk and I love it. I also have a warm glass of water upon waking with lemon essential oil drop and cayenne pepper. Breakfast has always been Vega One all in one powder with ground flaxseed and coconut milk because I am running out the door early each morning.

What is your favourite type of exercise and how often do you exercise?

I am a huge fan of walking and hiking. I love taking walks with my iPod music playing and thinking and pondering on so many things. It’s the great escape for me. My favorite is hiking the red cliffs in PEI and discovering all that nature has to offer. We have such a beautiful country in Canada with so much to explore! I do prefer resistant band training with a focus to always build strong core muscles. So planks, crunches, and lunges are on the agenda!

What is your #1 health tip?

Read your labels! Too often we do not take notice of what we are putting in our bodies. My opinion is 70% of  “protein bars” are glorified chocolate bars based on the listed ingredients with some deceiving ingredients such as sugar alcohols. I have always educated myself on the ingredients so I know what is going into my body and although it can be difficult to have all the ingredients align in a bar or powder etc its good to be able to know the best choices from the worst. You feel empowered.

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