Lorne King

Lorne King
Lorne King’s Bio

Lorne is the General Manager and Personal Trainer at Advantage4Athletes
Lorne heads a team of world class trainers and coaches. A4A works work with professional athletes, Olympic medal winners, youth and adult league teams, fitness enthusiasts, as well as people who have never played a sport or been inside a gym in their entire life.

  1. When did your athletic career begin?My athletic career began in high school, with wrestling, track, rugby and football. I went on the concentrate on football at U of T and then on to playing in the CFL. After professional sport I stayed active by playing touch football and by working out.
  2. What adversity have you had to overcome as athlete?I think you have to believe in yourself, regardless of what players or sometimes even coaches might say. And you have to be willing to work at your craft and always be learning. My first year in the CFL was really tough. Our team was losing, we went 3 wins and 15 losses that season. That’s a lot of pressure on a team because you know if things don’t improve people are going to lose their jobs. There was tremendous turn over with the team but I was able to survived the season and in the end was the rookie of the year for the BC Lions.
  3. How has working out impacted your life?Working out taught me discipline. It taught me how to persevere, stay on task and accomplish goals.
  4. How often do you train and for how long?I train 4 to 5 days per week depending on how my body feels. As you age you have to be carefully to listen to your body. Most people over 40 are going to have injuries or conditions they have to be careful of but it is always possible to modify your training to safely continue getting the benefits from regular exercise while minimizing the risk of injury.
  5. What is your number #1 fitness tip?My number one fitness tip is to set S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic goals that have a Time frame. They will keep your training on track.
Lorne’s Take:

Aside from sharing my first name Lorne King definitely shares my passion for fitness. In fact it’s safe to say he takes it up a notch or two. Some ex-professional athletes let their conditioning slide after their pro career ends. One look at Lorne and it’s easy to see he hasn’t let that happen. He’s a pure athlete; strong, athletic and great functional fitness. He’s also great great guy just to shoot the sh… with.

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