Magic Mud – Why This Toothpaste Has Become So Wildly Popular

Magic Mud – Why This Toothpaste Has Become So Wildly Popular

Magic Mud is one of the leading providers of dental care and teeth whitening products on the market, using its combination of charcoal and other miracle products to stay ahead of the curb. We had a chat with the company’s CEO, Jessica Arman, to get her insight on some of the many benefits entailed by this new wave of oral care.

How long ago did you start the company?

We’re currently in our 8th year, which is a huge feat for us considering all the things that are going on in the economy today with COVID-19. It’s been a family owned business from the beginning, starting as a farmer market brand and quickly growing from there.

How did it originate?

I don’t have a dental background. I was trying to help my daughter with her enamel condition called enamel hypoplasia — where she was very susceptible to cavities — so it became a labor of love to find something that would help her. It became a home remedy that we’d used for years, and I gave it away to family and friends who loved it. Then, at a time when my husband and I were financially struggling, I had the idea to sell it at the farmer’s market. We noticed that interest was rapidly growing in our area, so we then built a website and started selling direct to consumer. My mother in law also loved the product, so she moved to Texas and became head of our wholesale side, taking the product to all the health food stores she’d drive to and pitching it to them as a new and innovative way to whiten your teeth. That’s how it got started in stores, and it took us about a year and a half to get distribution and to be in the big-box stores everyone shops at, while still remaining a family-run business at heart. It was a crazy wild ride.

Are you selling it just in the U.S. and Canada or other countries as well?

We started selling it in Australia and parts of Europe, and we actually spent all of 2018 branching out into the global market. But by then there were so many competitors that caught on to the power of charcoal that by the time we hit certain parts of the world, they had already developed their own version of it. So we really focused on where we had a strong market which was Canada, the U.S., Australia, Germany, Austria and a couple other small countries in Europe.

Among your products, I only use the toothpaste in a tube. Is there also a powdered version that you make yourself?

Correct. I started making it in my kitchen and eventually branched out to factories in order to produce it in bulk. It’s a simple, yet amazing product, and is ultimately what put us on the map as an oral care brand. One thing I will say is that it is messy, but I still use it religiously because the whitening effects you get from the powder are so strong — much stronger than the toothpaste — and they’re almost instantaneous. To maximize the effect, you need to use the powder 3 times and unlike the toothpaste which takes about 2 weeks, you’ll notice the results right away. This is mainly because the powder is very concentrated, containing 4 ingredients, whereas the toothpaste has additional natural preservatives to ensure it’s shelf stable and resembles a real toothpaste. We’ve actually started branching out to different types of toothpastes that are coming onto the market as we speak.

What are the new toothpastes going to have that the existing ones don’t have?

One of the main complaints with the toothpaste is that it can get messy since it’s so pure. The original toothpaste felt kind of like a mud bath for your mouth as opposed to the normal toothpaste feel caused by glycerine. However, we chose not to include glycerine in our product because when you combine glycerine with charcoal, you don’t really get the full effect of the charcoal. Instead, I went back to the drawing board to reflect on all the feedback I had gotten and learned a lot about ingredients such as nanosilver, hemp, CBD, and theobromine. In the end, I created a nanosilver charcoal line with a better taste, a better feel, and less of a muddy texture. Along with the nanosilver, I added coconut oil and hemp seed oil which are great since their fatty acids are the building block of our cells.”

What would you say are the biggest benefits of Magic Mud versus a conventional toothpaste?

I love that we didn’t add fluoride, especially for the new line we created. Theobromine is actually known to harden and strengthen the enamel better than chemical fluoride. Because I formulated my products for my children using chemicals was not even an option. I felt confident that they would still get enamel protection without the use of chemicals.

The charcoal powder also has the ability to not only pull stains from your teeth but also pull bacteria and really gives you that dentist-chair cleaning. Before my family and I got onto the health track, I used conventional toothpaste. I always felt like it was a breath freshener but not really a cleaner. I still felt like I had a film on my teeth and 20 minutes later I’d have this mask-like taste in my mouth. Whether or not it’s true, the experience I had was that it masked what was going on in my mouth rather than getting to the root of the problem. So with My Magic Mud, I wanted to truly clean out the bacteria, the stains, and all the things people are plagued with on a daily basis.

Is there anything else you can do? I still floss, use the Waterpik and all that stuff. Are there any special tips you would say increase the effectiveness of your product?

I would say that from my experience with the people I’ve spoken with worldwide, not enough people give the opportunity to have a 2 minute brush. I know we’re all extremely busy and it can be difficult to do that, but when you give time and attention to your teeth, that’s the biggest thing you can do. People work out, eat the right kind of food, drink a lot of water, and that’s important. But I’ve also educated these people on the importance of the mouth for full body health, as we can carry bacteria in our mouth that we can swallow. Plaque can also line the arteries of your heart, and is linked to heart disease. So if you can detox your mouth on top of all the amazing things you’re doing for your full body health, it will take your overall health to the next level.

What are some of the tricks you use to make the toothpaste less messy?

Many times people are say they don’t like when they brush with the toothpaste because they get black spatter all over their mirror. What I always tell those people is that you’re always getting splatter on your mirror but your toothpaste is light so you don’t see it. Keeping your lips closed around your brush is one of the main things I’ve done to prevent the mess. When you go to spit out the powder after you brush, getting close to the sink and not just bending over really does help while the water is running, and I’ve noticed a huge difference when I tell people that. My mother-in-law also used to tell people that she brushed with the powder in the shower and it was a lot easier because it went down the drain and didn’t splatter anywhere.

Let’s say you use the powder and toothpaste both for a month. Would the powder still get your teeth whiter because you said the toothpaste takes 2 weeks to kick in?

The pairing of the two is so great because in the morning I’m rushing. I’ve got 4 children so brushing is not something I can be very gingerly with. I use toothpaste in the morning and powder at night, and the reason I love doing that is the powder gives you a dentist-chair cleaning. In fact, certain customers have told me that when they woke up in the morning, they forgot to brush their teeth because they didn’t have the stickiness or morning mouth. This is because the powder gets rid of the bacteria and allows you to have a clean mouth all thorough the night. However, some people use the toothpaste morning and evening, and the powder once a week for detox or deep cleaning.

LM’s Take: I do not have a dental background – so always speak with your dentist or healthcare professional – but I’ve been using Magic Mud’s toothpaste for a couple years now and have been very impressed with the product.  I plan to continue using it alongside their charcoal powder to clean and whiten my teeth. One bonus tip is to not brush too hard if you are using an electronic toothbrush. My preference is Philips Sonicare, let your toothbrush do the work.

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