How To Make 65 and 60 Feel and Look Great

How To Make 65 and 60 Feel and Look Great
Are you looking for tips on incorporating a more health-conscious attitude into your lifestyle? Whether you are hoping for a bikini (or Speedo) bod or a chance at lowering your life insurance premiums, it’s never too late to start thinking about fitness. We’ve consulted with local fitness icons Israel Blume and Evie Rein to find out their secret “to making 65 and 60 look and feel great

Israel, how have you incorporated fitness into your life? 

“I’ve always played sports—football, baseball, and hockey—from the age of five. I started weight training when I was 18, but I continued to play university hockey at Concordia in Montreal and then at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. I played regularly until a few years ago. I’m a huge proponent of doing weights to improve your fitness. I exercise with weights daily, I also do three sets of 100 push-ups and planks every day. I never do cardio since weight training done properly offers more benefits with no downside.”

Evie, when did you start working out?

“I started doing cardio five times per week at age of 35 with light weights, sit ups, lunges etc. I also weight trained at least four times per week. I switched to 100 per cent resistance training at the age of 45. Now I train every day.”

What is Israel and Evie’s #1 injury prevention tip?

“Listen to your body. It will let you know when you are overdoing it. Err on the side of caution when weight training. If you work out every day, mix it up. Do not lift excessively heavy weight, but rather just heavy enough so that the desired results are achieved. Pay special attention to proper form and support when focusing on exercises involving the spine. A wrong movement can have long-term, devastating effects. Go easy on the knees since they need to last a lifetime. Joints are like soap: they will wear out if they are over-used.”

What are some of the biggest benefits you’ve both enjoyed from leading an active lifestyle?

“Staying fit and healthy will not only increase longevity, but equally or even more importantly, it will enhance enjoyment of life. Proper and regular workouts will help prevent or diminish pain as well as help you to avoid experiencing reduced mobility.”

What is Israel and Evie’s best advice for getting to the gym on days when you don’t feel like working out?

“You must think of working out the same way we do showering and brushing our teeth. These daily activities are not exciting or fun, but they must be a part of one’s daily hygiene regimen. To stay healthy and active, daily habits, which include weight training and nutritious eating, must be second-nature. For those who actually enjoy lifting weights and exercising, it’s easier to stay motivated.”

Israel and Evie, what is your #1 tip for the post-60 athlete?

“For those who have trained regularly from youth and are at a proper weight with no medical conditions, continue what you have been doing. Your body will advise you on when you need to slow it down.”

What’s Israel and Evie’s take on the importance of a healthy diet?

“Working out and eating healthy are both equally vital. Both components are crucial in the creation and maintenance of a healthy person. A nutritious diet must consist primarily of vegetables, lean proteins such as fish, nuts, seeds and lots of healthy fats like eggs, avocados, coconut oil and high fat greek yogurt with sufficient amounts of pre and probiotics for healthy gut bacteria. Sugar- in all its forms, processed foods, simple carbohydrates and artificial food additives should be avoided or entirely banished from ones diet. Eating is not a binary activity or an all or nothing endeavour. All attempts should be made to eat as healthy as possible with cutting down on the unhealthy foods as much as it can be sustainable over the long run.Crash diets or extreme eating regimens are not sustainable over time and will result in failure and ultimate surrender.”