What Makes Angles90 Training Grips So Different?

What Makes Angles90 Training Grips So Different?

Q&A with Simon Sparber, Founder and Owner of Angles90

  1. When did you come up with the idea with the idea for the Angles90 Training Grips?

I came up with the idea in autumn 2016, but could only start to realize it from January 2017 onwards, given that I had to write my master thesis in business administration first.

  1. What exercises can you do with Angles90?

Angles90 makes all kinds of pull exercises more natural, including the most fundamental ones like pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell or low-seated rows. However, the handles become a multifunctional tool once you attach them to a cable machine, to resistance bands, or to the A90 Sling Trainer (which we also sell).

  1. What are some of the unique benefits of the training grips?

It distinguishes itself by basically two points: first, Angles90 can go on bars and barbells easily and without the risk of slipping. Second, the handle has a unique, patented design. After a long process of product development we came up with a curvature that is extremely aligned with our hand palm’s form. Also, you can grab the handle in a V or U shape (called ergo and power grip), depending on whether you will do lighter or heavy lifts.

  1. How do the grips help with injury prevention?

Our arms are made to rotate. The problem so far was that you could easily follow this rule with push exercises, but it was far more difficult on your pull day. With the Angles90 handles you can now slightly rotate your arms, which, according to science, leads to more intense muscle contractions and to less joint stress in your wrist, elbow and shoulder area.

  1. How do the grips help with the mind muscle connection?

That’s another big advantage. If you don’t feel your target muscles well enough, you will now change your arm movement pattern in a way that resistance shifts away from your arms and towards your back. Pull-ups may be the best example here. The case gets even more evident when you think about exercises you cannot do well enough because you would feel your joints aching or because you cannot perform the movement due to a lack of mobility.

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