Monica Voss

Monica Voss

Along with her partner Tama Soble, Monica Voss is one part of the power team that runs Esther Myers Yoga, which has been providing classes and yoga training in the Annex since 1979. They focus on a deeply reflective style of Hatha yoga that highlights the connection between the breath, gravity, and spinal elongation.

Monica was also the Yoga expert featured in my Finding your Fit article in Village Living Magazine.

How did your athletic career begin?

I’ve never been athletic, but as a young person, I had a certain flexibility and loved to swim and dance (and still do).
How has working out impacted your life?
Most of my life has been a search for aware self-embodiment. Yoga has been my main path – it feels so good to stretch, although I enjoy many other modalities. My version of a perfect workout is walking outdoors, humming as I go, feeling the ground with each step. The body and mind love it!
What roadblocks have you had to overcome?
In my 20’s and 30’s, I could ‘perform’ almost any yoga pose. Now, at 68, I regret having lost some ability and some courage. It can be difficult to let go of past accomplishments, but my interests have changed, too. I’m much more eager to spend time sitting still with relaxation and meditation. I practise dropping inside and enjoying my own company – no overcoming, no roadblocks.
What is your #1 fitness tip?
Truly love what you do. Emotional and neurological benefits outweigh any other.

What drew you to Yoga?
Initially, I avoided yoga, thinking it was meaningless hyperflexibility. Luckily, my first instructor was Esther Myers who was strongly intellectual. Her classes were both mentally engaging and physically strengthening.

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