Ori Hofmekler – The Warriors Diet Author Speaks

Ori Hofmekler – The Warriors Diet Author Speaks

Ori Hofmekler, a modern renaissance man whose formative military experience prompted a life interest in survival science. He graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and received a degree in Human Sciences by the Hebrew University. As editor-in-chief of Mind and Muscle Power magazine, Ori introduced his diet approach to the public to immediate acclaim from readers and professionals.The Warrior Diet first edition was published in 2002 in the U.S followed by French, Italian, Greek and Hungarian Editions, and has been featured in newspapers, magazines and science journals. Hofmekler other books include Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat, The Anti Estrogenic Diet and Unlock Your Muscle Gene. The Warrior Diet’s revised edition was published in 2007.

Ori Hofmekler founded Defense Nutrition in 2007 with the mission to provide cutting edge information on human nutrition and help people make wise choices in their quest for achieving prime health. Defense Nutrition offers healthy and tasty alternatives products with no added sugar, no sugar alcohol, no fructose, no soy, no gluten Non-GMO ingredients and nothing artificial, thus allowing people stay fit without compromising on their health and lifestyle. Ori’s “Take No Prisoners” blogs expose fallacies and dirty secrets in the areas of diet and fitness and guide people how to better survive and longer live in today’s world.

  1. When did your athletic career begin?My athletic career began in high school.
  2. What adversity have you had to overcome as athlete?The biggest adversity is injuries.
  3. When did you start the warrior diet and what was your inspiration?Started the Warrior Diet during my military service, motivated by survival necessities and inspired by ancient warrior societies–Spartans and Romans.
  4. From an energy and performance standpoint, what are some of the benefits of the Warrior Diet versus traditional, six small meals a day bodybuilding diets?The Warrior Diet triggers stress response pathways that transform the body to better survive and longer live via a special regimen that combines nutritional and physical stress. The traditional multiple meals per day on the other hand inhibit those stress response pathways and abolish related benefits throughout the day, except for during the duration of the workout. This means 18 hours of body transforming actions on the Warrior Diet vs. 1 hour if any on the 6 meals per day. Hence, the difference between biological fitness and conventional fitness.
  5. Why do you advise against training to failure?For the same reason that a fighter should not be trained to quit. Training to failure teaches your body and mind to fail rather than grind through the hardship.
  6. Are there any supplements you recommend for athletes over 45 versus those under 45?Grass-fed whey protein to be used by all age groups however in small servings by older persons. For anti-aging and weight loss check SAF.

Lorne’s Take

I first learned about Ori on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s extremely popular website, Mercola.com. His philosophies on training and nutrition go against normal convention but Ori’s strong following of people believe in his methodology. Looking at Ori, it certainly seems to be working.


  1. The Warrior diet is absolutely bullet proof……and to me instinctively makes good sense .Feel more alert and energetic.Thankyou Ori.

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