How To Be An Imperfectionist – Stephen Guise

November 25th, 2020
I’ve now listened to three of Stephen Guise’s books. The most recent, How To Be An Imperfectionist, is based on Stephen Guise’s premise that perfectionism leads to anxiety, fear, and procrastination. Find out more and get some other great tips in my top 14 takeaways below: If you look for perfection, you will never be...

How To Improve Your Posture – Experts Weigh In

November 24th, 2020
Ed Williams – strength and conditioning coach Training the posterior chain is important, especially the erectors and lower back that often get neglected. Some of my favorite movements are done using a variety of back extension movements, seated good mornings, and Romanian deadlift variations. Peter Ingleton – strength and conditioning coach To improve posture, include...

MaximizeSquat Using Isometric Holds

November 20th, 2020
Perhaps the single most effective training tip and strategy I can provide to any lifter looking to maximize their squat is to use eccentric isometrics. Here’s and example with NFL athlete Ameer Abdullah performing eccentric isometrics goblet squats combined with eyes closed conditions. Read full  articles How To Maximize Your Squat 

Bulletproof Coffee/Matcha Tea Review

November 19th, 2020
Living a fit and healthy lifestyle also means paying attention to nutrition. Lorne Marr and his son Beau turn to Bulletproof Coffee™ and matcha tea for high-impact energy without the jarring buzz or crash you get from plain coffee or big does of caffeine. When brewed with MCT oil and grass-fed ghee, Bulletproof Coffee™ provides...

Neuro Grip Push-Up Tutorial

November 17th, 2020
Missing the gym during the pandemic? Looking for ways to challenge yourself while working out from home? Then check out these Neuro-Grip push ups! Neuro-Grips look simple but take your push up from a routine exercise to one of precision and balance while blasting your forearms, pecs, core, and even glutes. Balance is the name...

10 Ways to Improve Joint Health

November 17th, 2020
Maintaining your joint health is essential, and while exercising is a crucial component to improving and prolonging optimal joint health, there are several additional factors to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at ways to be proactive to preserve your joint health and make improvements when obstacles like injury or arthritis arise and affect...

Angles90 Review Deadlifts

November 13th, 2020
Deadlifts are one of the best exercises for building core, lower, back, and leg strength. Yet, those with a limited range of motion or previous injury tend to avoid this powerful move. Thanks to Angles90™, the revolutionary yet simple attachable grips that can be installed on the deadlift bar in seconds, more people can enjoy...

Fixing Forward Head Posture

November 13th, 2020
There are a lot of different influences on posture from a joint-by-joint perspective, and the position of one joint can affect the position of another. Forward head posture is no different. The position of the neck and head is affected by the shoulder blades; the position of the shoulder blades is affected by the ribs;...