Pros and Cons of Bulletproof Coffee

Pros and Cons of Bulletproof Coffee
  1. What is Bulletproof Coffee?
  2. Bulletproof Coffee – Keto Connection
  3. How Well Does Bulletproof Coffee Work?
  4. Bulletproof Coffee: The Pros and Cons
  5. Conclusion – The Bottom Line:

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

If there’s anything in the world people don’t need to be told about, it’s coffee. Coffee has been routinely consumed for nutritional and performative benefits, and for the sheer joy of it, for about 500 years, and its status as the world’s second-most consumed commodity is a testament to its staggering popularity. Coffee is extremely versatile, too. People have found many creative and innovative ways to brew and prepare coffee beans – Turkish, pour-over, cappuccino, Frappuccino, a galaxy of espresso-based drinks, and simple black coffee – just to name a few!

So naturally, the coffee bean seems to have limitless potential for application in benefits for the human diet. In the last 70 years, the market has expanded from bags of either whole or ground coffee up to the huge market for fair-trade and organic coffee, and those who specialize in diets have been finding clever ways to brew organic coffee for weight loss above simply drinking coffee for its caffeine content.

Bulletproof Coffee – Keto Connection

Among the more popular diets of the last two decades has been the ketogenic – or keto – diet, a variation on the trend toward low-carbohydrate diets. The keto diet emphasizes consumption of fats and proteins at the expense of carbohydrates as a way to get the body to consume energy through ketosis (burning fats when complex sugars are not available) with the dual purpose of preventing excess carbs from being converted into fats and consuming the fats the body already has in its stores.

People who specialize in both the benefits of coffee and the keto diet have found the way to marry the two into the best coffee for weight loss: Bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee is simply a means of preparing a coffee high in fats to give the body a boost and as an alternative to consumption of carb-heavy breakfasts like oatmeal or toast. The fats are provided by adding unsalted butter or MCT oil to brewed organic coffee.

How Well Does Bulletproof Coffee Work?

As with just about every hot diet trend, the practice of turning ground coffee into Bulletproof coffee has as many skeptics as it does proponents. While proponents of Bulletproof coffee boast that it is the best coffee prep for easy health benefits, many nutritionists are keen to tell a different story. Those who want to take their favorite coffee beans to the level of Bulletproof coffee will find themselves faced with maintaining a balancing act between the many pros and cons of making Bulletproof coffee a routine part of their weight loss plans.

Bulletproof Coffee: The Pros and Cons

Pro #1: Bulletproof Coffee is Antioxidant-Rich

Even though Bulletproof coffee has high antioxidant content, the same could be said for any number of ground coffee products. The difference with Bulletproof coffee is its use as a breakfast alternative. With solid breakfast foods, it is not nearly as easy to have an antioxidant-rich intake without high amounts of blueberries or chocolate.

Con #1: High Calorie Content

Although in theory, your carb-deprived body will draw all it needs from stored fats, in reality, it is very difficult to prevent any intake of carbs, and that means the body will draw on carb reserves for energy before resorting to burning fats. Turning your organic coffee into Bulletproof coffee could result in the storage of empty calories from this 440-calorie beverage.

Pro #2: Keto-Friendly

One of the principal allures of Bulletproof coffee is how it conforms to the ketogenic diet. The consumption of MCT oils or unsalted grass-fed butter will not interfere with a keto program since there’s little to no intake of carbohydrates.

Con #2: Low in Nutrients

There’s a downside to the lack of carbohydrates in Bulletproof coffee, though. Although you may be able to accrue energy reserves by using Bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement, you will also be depriving yourself of proteins and vitamins by choosing to consume Bulletproof coffee in lieu of fruits, oatmeal, granola, bran, eggs, and many other breakfast options.

Pro #3: An Energy Supplement

It’s safe to say that one of the most common (if not the most common) reasons people choose their coffee bean brew in the morning is as a sharp respite from grogginess, and while caffeine is a great option for a sharp wake-me-up, it’s also prone to burning out quick. The addition of butter or MCT oils supplements this energy boost with a sustained supply of energy throughout the day.

Con #3: Saturated Fats Intake

Even though there is debate among nutritionists and doctors about whether fats should be used as sustenance, there is no denying that not all fats are created equal. There is a general consensus that fats that are unsaturated and polyunsaturated are more healthful than saturated fats, of which Bulletproof coffee contains.

Pro #4: Weight Loss

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the consumption of Bulletproof coffee as an alternative to more carbohydrate-laden breakfasts means a less-complex source of energy that both takes less effort to break down and contributes to the consumption of the very fats you’re looking to burn anyway! Bulletproof coffee in the morning promotes ketogenic weight loss in a way that solid foods never could.

Con #4: Cholesterol

According to experts at Healthline, even with the facilitated consumption of fats from Bulletproof MCT oil or organic butter, the body still runs the risk of accumulating cholesterol, which can lead to arterial restrictions, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke in high doses. Anyone using Bulletproof coffee as a means to ketogenic weight loss is always advised to keep an eye on their cholesterol levels.

Pro #5: Ethical Consumption

Part of the appeal of Bulletproof coffee is that it calls for the use of ethically-sourced ingredients like grass-fed butter, MCT oils, and organic coffee for weight loss. It also encourages fair trade and animal cruelty-free practices.

Con #5: Possible Lack of Satiety

There’s a satisfaction in consuming solid food. The digestion tackles hunger, and the taste has a primal appeal. Anytime you are replacing food with beverage for nutrients, however, there’s always the risk of feeling “hollow” or becoming very hungry quickly simply because there’s very little content for the stomach to digest.

Pro #6: …But it Could Also Be Filling

On the other hand, no two metabolisms are the exact same, either. Consuming rich Bulletproof coffee could cause some to feel full, but without the bloating or fatigue associated with eating a hearty meal.

Con #6: The Science Isn’t Completely Clear

Although in theory – and likely in practice – consuming Bulletproof coffee can provide the benefits of a sustained energy boost all while promoting ketogenic weight loss, the reality is that very little rigorous scientific inquiry has been done on the subject, and there isn’t a lot of experimental data to draw on for results.

Pro #7: Ease and Convenience

Drinking Bulletproof coffee for your full intake of energy-providing nutrients in the morning spares you the preparation of a fully-cooked meal, or even a prepared simple meal. Bulletproof coffee only takes as long to make as it does to percolate or brew coffee.

Con #7: There are Many Keto-Friendly Alternatives

While preparing Bulletproof coffee will promote ketosis, it isn’t the only avenue for doing so. There is a whole laundry list of keto-friendly meal choices to incorporate into your daily diet that could reduce the likelihood of high cholesterol and provide a more nutrient-rich path to ketogenic weight loss.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line:

Bulletproof coffee can be a great way to keep up keto weight loss while simultaneously getting your coffee bean boost in the morning with the convenience of little prep effort. It is always best to use a reasonable amount of caution with the risks involved, but with a little vigilance, Bulletproof coffee can be a life-changing way to lose weight without having to sacrifice the welcome jolt of a caffeine boost in the morning or adding unnecessary excess carbs.

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