Some Movement is Better than No Movement

Some Movement is Better than No Movement

Some movement is better than no movement- this is something you have probably heard quite a bit in the past, however, no matter how many times you have heard it, it is still true! For a lot of people, there are factors that hinder them from working out; factors such as time, money, commitment, to name a few. For some, these factors cause them to avoid fitness all together. Whilst a handful of these factors are inevitable, they should not be cause for avoiding consistency altogether.

In Kathleen Trotter‘s book, Finding Your Fit, she discusses why the phrase “some movement is better than no movement” holds merit and how you can ensure you get your fitness in even when life is throwing a ton at you!

Four Simple Ways to Accumulate Your Drops

1. Try the piggyback strategy

Instead of using “lack of time” or “I hate gyms” as an excuse to be inactive, pinpoint daily, non-negotiable habits that you already do and turn them into a workout. This method essentially entails turning something you already do into a workout. Do you walk your dog daily? Turn that into a workout by doing fartlek intervals. Do you do your dishes on a regular basis? Do squats while doing so. This is a simple way to get a workout in without compromising time and comfort!

Other ways to use the piggyback strategy:

  • Pace while on conference calls.
  • Get up regularly and walk to your colleagues’ desk instead of phoning them.
  • Brainstorm for work whilst walking; dictate your thoughts into your phone.
  • Instead of meeting with colleagues and eating or drinking, walk or talk.

2. Take the daily step challenge

An easy way to incorporate movement into your life is to record how many steps you take daily. Whether we work a desk job or a laborious job, whether we transit to work or drive to work, we will, at some point, walk. Recording how many steps you take isn’t only a good way to track your daily movement, but it is also a great opportunity to improve yourself. You will want to increase your steps daily once you see the numbers!

Simple ways to get your steps:

  • Go for a walk at lunch with a colleague.
  • Get off public transit a stop early and walk to your destination.
  • Park a couple blocks away from your destination.
  • On the weekends, walk while doing your errands.
  • Run or walk the stairs in your home or apartment building.

3. Do posture-friendly exercises throughout the day

Another way to accumulate your health drops is to perform simple posture, strength, core, and balance exercises throughout your day. Even just doing a couple of exercises at your desk will make a difference. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause poor circulation, pain, and of course, bad posture. Practicing simple posture-friendly exercises can help you avoid all the problems that come with sitting all day long.

Posture-friendly exercises:

  • Wall push
  • Door-frame chest stretch
  • Seated twist
  • Upper-back massage with a tennis ball
  • Should, elbow, arm rotations

4. Take the colour challenge

Use a mindfulness trigger (a colour) to cue yourself to be aware of your posture and do some movement. For example, if it is a weekday, and your job is fairly formal, use the colour as a reminder to assess your posture. When you notice your colour, check your posture and assure your body is aligned correctly. On the weekends, take it up a notch. For example, if you see blue, do a few jumping jacks or a posture-friendly exercise. You can be as creative as you want with this challenge. The world is your fitness oyster!


Always remember that your health quest is something you are doing for YOU! Care enough about yourself to make daily movement non-negotiable. While home workouts and everyday workouts may not seem flashy, they are cornerstones of long-term health and an easy way to live by the rule that some movement is always better than no movement.




Kathleen Trotter’s, Finding Your Fit, is certainly a must read for all fitness enthusiasts and those looking to make a beneficial change in their lives.

It is available on her website and at your local, Indigo. I, myself, have a copy and it is well worth the read no matter what fitness level you are at. 🙂


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