Johnny O’s South Florida’s Best Indoor & Outdoor Training Facility

Johnny O’s South Florida’s Best Indoor & Outdoor Training Facility


Johnny Olsen is a fitness icon from a Personal Training Consultant to a Fitness Model himself, Johnny proudly knows the fitness industry inside and out. Johnny was awarded certain honors such as Junior Olympics Silver Medalist, 15 Time NPC Contestant, and NSL Physique Pro. Johnny enjoys spending his days training the members of Johnny O’s Gymnasium and helping them achieve their set goals on a daily basis.

Johnny Olsen created Johnny O’s Gymnasium in 2019, with the goal of being the largest outdoor training facility in all of South Florida, and he successfully achieved this goal in no time. Wondering what separates Johnny O’s Gymnasium from your local gym? The differentiating factor is our incredible combination of both indoor and outdoor training.  You can learn more about Johnny here!

1. What was the inspiration behind Johnny O’s Gymnasium?

A lifetime of training and visiting literally hundreds of gyms over the last six decades. My dream gym is exactly what I built here at Johnny O’s Gymnasium in Boca Raton Florida. From the moment you walk in the door the energy is contagious and instantly is inspiring to push you harder in your workouts.

2. What makes the gym unique?

We are extremely unique for several reasons. When you walk in the door you’re going to hear music popping you’re going to see a colored light show and iconic athletes hand painted on our walls, the equipment is handpicked by me some of the equipment is extremely special and very rare. When you walk out our side door and onto our 10,000 ft.² of outdoor covered turf field you will immediately know you have never been in a gym like Johnny O’s Gymnasium in your lifetime. You will find yourself working out next to every day people and world class athletes on a daily basis.

3. What are some of the benefits outdoor training?

Great question, first off think about this when was the last time you’ve been to an indoor/outdoor training facility, I’m sure the answer is never, when you have the opportunity to flip tires, run sprints, push sleds and do ladder work on a turf field that is covered by a waterproof awning, so never is your workout canceled because of inclement weather. Also with the coronavirus everybody is interested in safety and obviously there is no better place to be working out then outdoors!!

4. Is it hard to stay focussed training in your facility?

YES, my entire mantra has always been stay focused, never make eye contact while working out and constantly be thinking of what you’re plan is For your workouts, now that I own my own gym I can’t have that focus because I need to be aware of the members around me and they are always looking to talk about something and I cannot ignore that. What I try and do now is come in when the gym is closed then I can get my usual high intensity workout in

5. What are the additional plans for the gym in the coming months?

We have an incredible business model with our indoor/outdoor training facility, and our members are constantly telling us how great and unique our facility is. Our goal right now is to open in other areas as soon as possible, We have been approached by investors that want to get on board already and we are open to speaking to other people regarding a facility in there areas as well.


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