Tama Soble

Tama Soble

Tama Soble is one part of the power team that runs Esther Myers Yoga, which has been providing classes and yoga training in the Annex since 1979. They focus on a deeply reflective style of Hatha yoga that highlights the connection between the breath, gravity, and spinal elongation.

How did your athletic career begin?

I began dancing at a young age, and was introduced to yoga at 15 at a community centre. I had been attending a fencing class and was not enjoying the sparing. The instructor suggested that I try the yoga class down the hall, so I did and I loved the practice immediately.

How has working out impacted your life?

Practicing yoga has a tremendous impact on my life. It connects me to my body- supporting me to make healthy choices in many ways from balance of overall activity, to amount of sleep to healthy eating. Yoga also offers me a means to regulate my nervous system, having a positive impact on my psychological and emotional well being.

What roadblocks have you had to overcome?

I have always enjoyed my yoga practice. It is a pleasure to be a student and practice with others as well as  to teach and to cultivate a home practice. At times, particularly when I was raising a family, finding time for home practice was challenging. I was motivated to overcome this challenge because I noticed that practicing helped me become more patient and energetic. This remains true.

What drew you to Yoga?

I was drawn to yoga immediately because it spoke to all of me, mind and body. It offered a practical way to cultivate a reflective self awareness and I felt strong and centred after each practice. During my years as a dancer and choreographer, yoga was a way to counter the physical and mental fatigue brought on by rehearsing and touring. I also deeply enjoy the creative elements of the approach to yoga that I practice and teach.

 What is your #1 fitness tip?

Choose an activity that you enjoy and that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and light. An activity that moves you toward a sense of overall wellness and supports you in the other aspects of your life.

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