Top Ten Collagen Protein Brands Reviewed for 2020

Top Ten Collagen Protein Brands Reviewed for 2020
  1. What is Collagen Protein?
  2. The Best Collagen Supplements
  3. Top 10 Collagen Protein Supplements and Collagen Protein Reviews

What is Collagen Protein?

Is collagen a protein? Yes, it is! Your body produces and uses a multitude of proteins for many different purposes, but among the most important and plentiful protein in your body is collagen protein. Is collagen a complete protein? In order for the best collagen protein to be complete, it needs to have the full spectrum of amino acids. While the full spectrum may not in the best collagen protein supplements, the powders and pills can still add a lot of benefit to the body. Today we will discuss the top best collagen protein supplements along with how naturally occurring collagen impacts your health.

So, let’s talk about collagen protein function.

Collagen comprises approximately one-third of the body’s protein function composition, and collagen protein benefits are mainly used in maintaining body structure and holding things together (the very word collagen comes from the Greek “kolla”, which means glue). Collagen is present in your bones, tendons, skin, and ligaments, many other vital parts.

There are 16 types of collagen protein, all with great collagen protein benefits and varying degrees of collagen protein structure; but the four most prominent types present in the human body are Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV, with distinct differences between them.

  • Type I collagen is made of dense fibers that add to the structural integrity of bones, tendons, teeth, skin, connective tissue, and fibrous cartilage.
  • Type II collagen is fibrous but not as densely packed, making it more appropriate for cushioning impacts. It is primarily found in elastic cartilage.
  • Type III collagen helps the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries.
  • Type IV collagen is found in the layers of the skin.

Like everything else in the body, collagen protein function is prone to breaking down. Production slows and the collagen produced lowers in quality as you age from your 20s to your 30s and onward. This is most prominent in your skin, which wrinkles due to lack of collagen, however, this slowing down also affects just about every structure in your body, resulting in weaker bones, thinner cartilage, and more vulnerable organs.

So as we become more health-conscious, we find ourselves wanting to preserve our vital processes as long as possible, and thanks to ongoing and more popular research into the effects of aging and self-care, we now have a breadth of knowledge of how to adjust our diets and use supplements to preserve and increase collagen production, as well as many other things. Supplements in particular have become much more popular and are now available in lots of different varieties and brands.

The Best Collagen Supplements

The most popular makers of supplements boast distinct features and uses, and it can be hard to know where to start. So, to help out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 collagen protein supplements of 2020, and their Amazon reviews.

Top 10 Collagen Protein Supplements and Collagen Protein Reviews

1) Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder – 16 oz.

Sports Research collagen is third party-certified by the Paleo & Keto Foundation, and non-GMO certified. It can be enjoyed mixed in oatmeal, sauces, and soups, or mixed into any number of drinks.

Amazon: 4.6 stars out of 5, with 53,475 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I gave it a full month before leaving a review, just finished the last scoop yesterday. I put it in my coffee every morning, never noticed an aftertaste and it dissolved easily. But let me tell you, I would straight up lick it off the floor even if it tasted like cat litter because my hair and nails are so glorious. I don’t hate my skin!”

1 STAR REVIEW: “Having discovered Vital Proteins Collagen peptides, I was thrilled with the results. When I found Sports Research’s product, I was excited to find a comparable product at a much more affordable price. I was sadly very disappointed.”

2) Physician’s Choice Collagen Peptides Powder – Enhanced Absorption.

Contains Type I and III collagen. Non-GMO and grass-fed sourcing of peptides. Clumps less to aid in absorption for maximum benefit.

Amazon: 4.4 stars out of 5, with 19,255 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I have tried a lot of different collagens and the results of this particular brand are far above what I have seen from other collagens brands I’ve tried. I will say it doesn’t mix as well in cold water as some brands I have tried, but on the other hand, when I switched to putting it in coffee or a smoothie from trying it in my cold lemon water it was totally fine no issues whatsoever. The difference I have seen using this brand has been nothing short of amazing.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “I don’t like that I can see the powder in my liquids in the morning – specifically in my coffee. I’m returning this and switching back to Vital Proteins.”

3) Bulletproof Collagen Protein Powder – Unflavored, 17.6 oz.

Bulletproof collagen protein powder supports bone and joint support and promotes healthy skincare. Bulletproof unflavored varieties make a great and easy additive to sauces, soups and drinks.

Amazon: 4.6 stars out of 5, with 2,506 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “This is the best one by far that I have tried. I am taking the time to write this because I know there are a ton of collagen possibilities on the market and I have tried some of them. While others keep my nails shiny and I note my hair grows, this one blows the ones I’ve tried out of the water.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “I have used bone broth for several years and have not the stomach problems that this product produced. I tried it several times with the same outcome: bloating, acid, and upset stomach.”

4) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement (Type I, III).

Exclusive formula contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C for health of skin, hair, nails, ligaments, and tendons.

Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, with 30,371 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I have been very happy with this product – the first difference I felt after a few weeks was that it helped me sleep. It contains glycine and if you look online there is research that shows that helps with sleep. I sleep for longer periods and if I wake up at night I ca fall back to sleep quickly, which has made a big difference in my general wellbeing. Then after about six weeks, my knees started to feel better, which I think was the collagen, and now after a few months my hair is more shiny – all good things!”

1 STAR REVIEW: “I bought this pack from Amazon last week and have used it a few times and each time the packet does not blend in at all. I am forced to drink lumpy coffee and it is absolutely disgusting. I’m not sure if it’s this batch or if Vital Proteins has changed their formula but whatever it is, do not buy it. It’s a lot of money for something that literally makes me gag while I try to drink it every morning.”

5) Wholesome Wellness Multi Collagen Protein Powder Hydrolyzed (Type I II III V X).

Bone-broth blend of grass-fed chicken and beef, certified wild fish, and eggshell membrane.

Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, with 4,459 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “Not gonna lie but it has everything that we’re looking for including a higher overall dosage compared to other brands! We also love the fact that a lot of research went into the development of this multi-collagen product because it has all of the best types of collagen including Type I, II, III, V and X, which are all very beneficial to the human body.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “I was getting collagen from a different brand but I decided to try something different because of the good reviews. Instant regret. This stuff is disgusting. To make matters worse, it barely dissolves in water.”

6) Correxiko Premium Collagen Peptides Powder (16 oz.)

Neutral flavour, and dissolves easily in any fluid. Promotes strong hair and nails, and good gut health.

Amazon: 4.6 stars out of 5, with 115 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I am so happy with this. I bought it for my dark scars from a bad case of acne and they’ve reduced significantly in a short space of time! Fab product.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “Didn’t work for me.”

7) Zint Collagen Peptides Powder (32 oz.)

Unflavored collagen powder sourced from non-GMO, grass-fed protein. Paleo-friendly and kosher certified.

Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, with 1,734 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I am 84 years young and have good energy. I have been taking this Zint hydrolyzed collagen for about a year now. I feel it helps my joints and overall health. I love that it completely dissolves in whatever liquid you use. I also add to my homemade soups for extra richness.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “I bought this because of the reviews. I had been using another product that made my skin and hair much better. This product made my skin and hair go back to what they were before. I tried it for a couple of months utill the package was finished hoping it would eventually work. It didn’t.”

8) Garden of Life Grass Fed Collagen Peptides Powder – Unflavored.

Grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen protein. Contains probiotics for easy digestion. Perfect for those who want stronger nails and hair.

Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, with 2,022 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “Amazing, only used this for four days and noticed my lips are plumper. Face doesn’t look so stressed. I did do 2x’s one day. But I’m very impressed and can’t wait to see more results.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “This does not stir in easily or dissolve. It’s clumpy and gooey. Also, there is a strong taste. I’ve used other collagen supplements before and never had these issues. I purchased this based on recommendations from Amazon. Very disappointed.”

9) Amandean Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder – 17.6 oz.

Marine-sourced collagen extracted from wild-caught cod from the North Atlantic. Contains natural glycine, supporting anti-aging and smooth, strong skin.

Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 5, with 2,385 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I have only been taking it for a little over a week, so I don’t have a long-term usage testimonial, but I have noticed immediate results, regardless. My skin feels amazing, the deep lines in my lips are decreasing and my lips look fuller, and the lines on my forehead and smile lines have already mostly disappeared. I cannot express how happy I am to have discovered this product!”

1 STAR REVIEW: “Unlike the previous brand of marine collagen I purchased on Amazon, this collagen has produced no noticeable improvement in the strength of my nails in over a month of daily use.”

10) Codeage Multi Collagen Protein Powder Peptides, Hydrolyzed, Type I, II, III, V, X.

Multi-type, multi-purpose collagen protein supplement designed to holistically remedy many parts of the body, including cartilage, organ tissue, and bones.

Amazon: 4.6 stars out of 5, with 2,463 ratings.

5 STAR REVIEW: “I initially bought this multi collagen powder and LOVED it. It had zero taste (in coffee and even in water!), came with a scoop, and all of my joints felt much better when I used it. I am more aware of my body taking longer to recover after running or any plyo exercises, and this powder really helped.”

1 STAR REVIEW: “It tastes awful and is clumpy. The description says it’s unflavored so I tried it with water, yogurt, and coffee. It never mixed completely and it ruined the flavor of everything I put it in. This bums me out because I was hoping to see the positive effects of this supplement.”

When considering using a supplement for collagen, it can be useful to keep in mind what body problem you’re wanting to tackle. There are products selected for skin, for cartilage, for aging, and for bodily maintenance, and selecting a supplement specific to your needs can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

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