U-RAAW! creates fresh, delicious, custom-made health foods. It’s the essence of what we do, but there is more to the story.

In a time when diabetes and obesity are epidemics in North America, and foods with preservatives and additives line store shelves, we think a whole foods product like U-RAAW! will offer a beacon of hope for health-conscious individuals.

As the parents of two growing children, we know the importance of having access to convenient nutritious snacks and tasty wholesome meal items.

For this reason, we have developed U-RAAW! and are committed to supporting healthy eating habits.

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When did you start U-RAAW!?

The beginning of 2013. Before launching the website we spent about 8 months sourcing suppliers and developing recipes for both our own protein bar flavors and the custom options available to customers.

What was your inspiration for doing so?

I am passionate about living a happy, healthy, productive life. Since our diets play such a massive role in our overall mental and physical health, it’s fulfilling being able to share truly unique high-quality food products that we developed.

What are some traits that differentiate U-RAAW! from companies in the health food space?

There are a few differentiators, and I’d say the customization aspect is the biggest. Very few companies allow you to create small orders tailored to your specific nutritional requirements. This is particularly helpful for those with food sensitivities, or dieters looking for specific macro-nutrient numbers.

Also, since we decided to go the route of online/direct to the customer instead of selling our product through retail stores, everything we offer is truly as fresh as it can be since no product ever sits on a shelf. Most orders are literally made within two days of shipment.

What is your favourite U-RAAW! energy bar and trail mix snack?

When it comes to protein bars, I’ve probably eaten just about every possible combination of ingredients you could imagine.

I’d have to say my favorite ingredient combination for a protein bar is: Cashew butter, fiber syrup, dates, whey isolate, cacao, coconut, sea salt.

I tend to like simpler recipes with fewer ingredients that emphasize specific flavors.

For trail mixes, I prefer sweet & salty combinations like this: Salted cashews, salted almonds, dark chocolate almonds, dark chocolate hazelnuts, coconut flakes.

Coconut, cacao, and anything chocolate covered are my go-to ingredients!

What is something your customers may not know about U-RAAW!?

  1. Exactly one year after launching U-RAAW!  I gave my cousin a few of our recipes along with the blueprint of the business, and he started Macaw! Foods in Orlando, Florida. This allowed us to serve the US market without the barrier of complicated and cost prohibitive cross-border shipping.
  2. In addition to offering custom energy bars, trail mixes, smoothie mixes, and cereals, we also offer our own protein bar flavors as well as a large selection of organic nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.
  3. Our business has always been family owned and operated.

What do you enjoy most about working at U-RAAW!?

Being able to provide a unique, high-quality product that I am passionate about. Also, running a small business presents plenty of unique challenges that are fun to tackle.

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