A Unique Approach To Wellness Inbox

A Unique Approach To Wellness Inbox

Wellness Intelligence is a term many of us may not be familiar with, but David Newton and Lisa Borden are intimately familiar with the concept.

They share a passion for body awareness, mindfulness and the concept of aging gracefully and with strength. They help people discover their Wellness Intelligence and become better versions of themselves.

So how did they get started on the journey and what is the Akira Concept. Find out below.

1. Tell me a little about your health background

We are both self-declared Unconventional Idealists and have very different backgrounds when it comes to our involvement in the health industry.

David is a Movement-Based Therapist and has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over three decades. He is a Yoga Teacher, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Personal Trainer, Ironman Triathlete, Human and Equine Reiki Practitioner and is Co-Creator and Facilitator of The Akira Concept Immersive Wellness Solutions. David was a Canadian National Sport Aerobic gold medalist, representing Canada on two separate occasions at the World Aerobic Championships, ranking 9th in the world. Lisa has always demonstrated in her business models and execution that wellness is a decision, and that growth is based on where those decisions are focused. Her connection and fascination with David’s practical and experience-based wisdom began organically when she first discovered David in his classes.

Lisa started Borden Communications, a BCorp certified company, in 1994 and specializes in strategic marketing communications + business development that matters. Taking a unique and holistic approach, she takes great pride in her positive track record and reputation in supporting brands and entrepreneurs that care about health and wellness to grow revenue, build brand culture and organize business foundations.

Lisa has a dedication and passion for building her wellness-based knowledge and infusing this into her own life as well as the lives of her clients. Lisa is Co-Creator and Facilitator of The Akira Concept Immersive Wellness Solutions and is also Reiki Certified. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge for all that is connected to successful and healthful working and living.

2. What was your inspiration for coming up with The Akira Concept

We have a great story, but our inspiration was a realization that our over five decades of combined education and experiential knowledge were meant to be shared. Our company name is inspired by David’s horse, a 3 year old, European Warmblood, Akira.

3. What are the key principals you teach

Our mission is to help people discover their Wellness Intelligence … all of our trainings, experiences, advising, and workbooks have been created to support this journey. Wellness Intelligence is the ability and capacity to learn, understand, use, and manage your own wellness in a positive and common-sense way.
The Akira Concept’s radically different and simplified approach to wellness is based on our combined years of learning, teaching, and experience-based wisdom. Our Immersive Wellness Solutions really work. We share a singular mission: to empower, to infuse hope, to help you believe in possibility, to spread love and joy, and to help you live life with organic balance and flow in the Akira State.

4. What are some health benefits of your method?

Part of discovering your Wellness Intelligence involves being able to recognize areas you can strengthen. We support and guide people as they learn and practice a more efficient and balanced way of living. Even those who have specialized strengths will better understand the areas where they have room to grow. We believe that people shouldn’t short-change themselves by assuming that Wellness Intelligence is all about eating well or being active, or that their current state of living and being is “fine” … it’s always possible to do better. Our goal is to always inspire our clients to be in pursuit of a level of purity honouring what is “organic” in breath, movement, fuel, rest, and connection. You can see this illustrated in the Discovering Your Wellness Intelligence Visual Mapping. Working with us is rewarding, challenging, enlightening and empowering … our clients optimize their creativity, boost their productivity, and foster health and healing.

We guarantee that the foundational advice, functional practices, longevity solutions, and life prescriptions that come along with discovering your Wellness Intelligence are life changing.

5. What is your #1 health and wellness tip?.

Be your own best expert, and believe in the power of yet!

Author Bio
Lisa Borden and David Newton
Lisa Borden and David Newton
After decades of working as individual forces in fitness and functional movement (David) and wellness-based business development (Lisa), they founded The Akira Concept Inc. and coined the term “Wellness Intelligence”. They have fused their unique skill sets to create and champion Immersive Wellness Solutions … ones that work.
Their radically different approach to wellness is fuelled by their combined, experience-based wisdom, evidence-based concepts, methods, practices, and from working through the intense struggles that come with crusading for and supporting change within systems that need improvement and development.
Their beginnings may have been at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they seek and share a singular mission: To empower, to infuse hope, to believe in possibility, to spread love and joy, and to help everyone discover their Wellness Intelligence.
Lisa Borden and David Newton are self-declared Unconventional Idealists determined to make healthy futures possible for all. They believe in personal journeys and human potential and make wellness accessible, attainable, sustainable, and most importantly, successful.
You can read their story and learn more about their work at The Akira Concept.
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