Rick Honeyford

Rick Honeyford

Rick Honeyford is the Founder and President of Honey Financial. He has been working in the financial industry since 2001. Rick is a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Retirement Consultant. In his spare time, Rick enjoys hiking, rugby, and hitting the gym.

What type of sports did you participate in as a kid?

I played a lot of hockey, as well as rugby (from about 17 to my early 30s).

How much weight did you drop and over what period of time?

I lost 175 over the course of a year and a half.

What does a typical day look like in terms of diet, before and after your weight loss?

High protein and no simple carbs. Lots of eggs, protein shakes, and chili.

What was your biggest motivating factor?

I required a sleep apnea machine.

What tips do you have for people who know they should go to the gym but cannot find the motivation to do so?

It can be quite difficult to motivate those who don’t want to go to the gym, in all honesty. A good method is to treat the gym like you would your job. Input it into your schedule and make it mandatory, like going to work. This will allow you to make the time so you will eventually develop a good routine and a desire to head to the gym.

What does a typical week look like in terms of your workout schedule?

It has been pretty crazy lately as I am doing a ton of physio for criss-cross/head forward syndrome (too much time on my cellphone). I am doing about 2 hours of physio, 2 hours of lifting, 1.5 hours of hiking or rugby practice. I try to do this regime daily. After I lose a few more pounds, I am going to switch to a 3 day a week workout schedule and focus on trying to put on some pounds of muscle. I will be eliminating the hiking and my rugby season is ending this Saturday.


Lorne’s Take

I have known Rick for about 20 years.  I actually just saw him recently at the Blue Jays game and I didn’t recognize him. Losing that amount of weight is a huge accomplishment. To me, the most important part of tackling a huge goal is to break it down into manageable bite size actions. I also really like Rick’s point about treating your workouts like a business appointment. I have been applying this principal for years and I think it is what has allowed to stay on track.



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