Top 10 Canadian Websites For Buying Supplements

Top 10 Canadian Websites For Buying Supplements

The world of supplements can be a confusing one, partially because there are so many different supplements all making what seem like wildly outrageous claims, from weight loss to explosive energy to daily detoxifying goodness. Add to that, everyone and their mother will steer you in a different direction if you ask them for advice. The truth of the entire supplement situation is that it really comes down to trial and error, because despite all the science involved, every person will be affected differently by each individual supplement, so what works for that ripped dude who’s always squatting mass amounts of weight may do nothing to help you.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at your supplement purchasing options in the great white north. This list will be a combination of brick and mortar businesses you can go into and online stores which will ship their products directly to you. Both of these options have their pro’s and cons, but then again, what doesn’t?

On the brick and mortar side of things, prices are going to be higher. They have to have their stock on hand, they have to get it to the store, they need to have a corporate structure, not to mention they need to pay for the building, pay staff to work in the building, and everything else that goes along with the classic retail structure. So ya, it makes sense that some stuff is going to cost a little more. However, this business model gives you the ability to walk in and have a conversation with a human about what you’re looking for. While I already said that finding the right supplements is a bit of trial and error, having a human with supplement knowledge can definitely help you figure out what you need and what you are looking for.

Obviously, the pro’s and cons of online shopping are likely going to be juxtaposed to those of a brick and mortar operation. Some supplements are going to be cheaper because there is less overhead involved. Conversely the lack of a human presence gives you no one to consult with and can make it harder to make an informed decision, which is not easy to do based on reviews and other online sources as who knows who wrote those or for what purpose. Another con to the online world is the wait for delivery. You can’t just roll into a store on your way to the gym to grab a new pre-work out.

If this article includes online shopping options why limit it to Canada when there are surely other options? Canada has a different set of guidelines for what they feel is safe and legal for ingestion, therefore formulas and recipes are different for products that are legally sold in Canada.

GNC Holdings, Inc.

For starters, yes, GNC is an American owned company, but it’s on this list because it’s the big boy. I’s got locations all over Canada, and is most likely the closest physical supplement store to you at any given time. It has a vast selection of available supplements and vitamins, and a staff that are well trained and well versed in what’s available, and finding what you want is quick and easy.

Business Type: Traditional
Locations: 7 000+
Year founded: 1935
CEO: Bob Moran (interim)
Revenue: 2.64 Billion


Popeye’s is the true giant in the Canadian retail space with over 125 locations all across the company and they pride themselves on being able to match the buyer with the proper supplement that is going to help them achieve their ultimate fitness goals. They promise no BS and offer rewards, samples and their own currency as add ons to most purchases.

Business Type: Traditional – Franchise

Locations: 125 +
Year founded:  1989

Nutrition House

Nutrition House is a smaller player in the brick and mortar supplement game, but they have stores across the country with a large majority of them being located in Ontario. Nutrition house also focuses on supplying vitamins and body care products, and cary their own line of Nutrition House Extra products as well as products that are co-branded and exclusive to their store. It began as a family business in 1979 and started to offer franchises in 1993.

Business Type:  Traditional – Franchise
Locations: 65+
Year founded:  1979
Founders: Aldo, Amelia and Lillian Dominguez

Supplement Warehouse is an online retailer that promises to provide the best nutritional supplements available while offering low prices. They have a staff that keeps up to date with any new advances in nutrition and try their best to offer that information to their customers.

Business Type: Online

Vitashop is one of Canada’s first online distributors of health and wellness products. There is, as their name suggests a heavy focus on the vitamin side of things, but they also carry a very wide selection of greens, and other supplements.

Business Type: Online
Year founded: 2008

Supplements Canada

Supplements Canada bills itself as Canada’s #1 supplement store and promises to make up for its lack of an actual store by offering free 24 hour shipping. They began shipping egg and milk protein to bodybuilders over 25 years ago, and have grown to have more than a million Canadians as customers. They have a knowledgeable staff that are willing to answer any questions and consult with bodybuilders about each and every product that they carry.

Business Type: Online
Year founded: 1989


Back in 2005, Mark Holowaychuk liked getting his vitamins and supplements online but found himself increasingly disappointed in the quality of product he was getting and the lack of quality advice available. This is what led him to begin his first store,, a name change 5 years later created Vitamart which now offers a myriad of proteins, pre-work outs, CLA’s and every type of vitamin imaginable.

Business Type: Online
Year founded: 2005

Supplement Source

It was 1995 when supplement source founder Daryl Ballentyne began selling supplements out of the trunk of his car. He started doing this simply so that he could cover the cost of his own supplements. As a former soldier, these sales focused on other soldiers and it’s an idea his company holds strong to today as they pledge to get their products to Canadian Soldiers and RCMP officers no matter where they are around the world.

Business Type: Online
Year founded: 1995
CEO: Daryl Ballentyne

Nutrition Warehouse

“Don’t Make Excuses. Make Results” is the slogan for nutrition warehouse, who have put more than 20 years worth of combined experience into trying to provide supplements to help people achieve their sports and fitness goals. Beyond supplements, they also offer vitamins, fitness accessories and nutrition consultations. The staff at Nutrition Warehouse do deep background checks on any and every product they offer for purchase.

Business Type: Online

VN Fuel

SVN Fuel is a vitamin and supplement store serving southwestern British Columbia. Their fitness consultants strive to help people achieve their fitness goals and are always available in store to talk about how to achieve those goals and through the online store SVN Canada, where they are able to offer their products to a wider audience.

Business Type: Retail
Locations: 14
CEO: Dean S Malone

Whether you are looking to get your supplements online or at a store, you need to approach it the same way. You want to make sure that what you choose is safe and legal. Speaking with an expert either through a site or in person, is a good idea, as it provides further information, and as GI Joe always told us, knowing is half the battle.

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